Monday, August 27, 2012

Gay and Lesbian Wedding Guests Dance the First Dance at Straight Wedding

This comes via Towleroad and was a short post but very moving.  It's about a straight couple who invited all the gay/lesbian couples at their wedding to have the first dance ... to the Beach Boys' Wouldn't It Be Nice.  I've always liked the Beach Boys, but I'll admit that I never heard this song from the perspective of Marriage Equality before...listen and enjoy!

Link Here to John Green's Blog


  1. I really had fun watching the video. Congratulations!!

  2. Yeah - if you listen to the lyrics we LGBT people could be singing the same song.

    That said, note the !=, in I.T. terms it means NOT EQUAL.

  3. Wow! I´m teary eyed too. That song has always bugged me because it didn´t include me. It will now forever have a different meaning. Thanks for sharing this!

  4. Didn't know that != means "not equal". I chose that video because it had the lyrics. Coincidence?
    I've always liked the BBoys but they are sooo hetero, I too always felt left out...but this story does give it a new twist.

  5. And another thing...I've read comments about the story on other web sites and it seems many of react with moist eyes...why is that? There is definitely something that moves us very deeply when we confront the reality of being "not equal" or "less than" and the possibility of being treated as matter-of-factly-equal.

  6. Another great song by the BB is "God Only Knows" which always makes me well up.



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