Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Federal Judge in Connecticut Rules DOMA Unconstitutional

Once again the courts have ruled DOMA unconstitutional .  This judge is a George W. Bush appointee.  Apparently she refuted the Congressional defense of DOMA point by point.  Good.

The Republicans want states rights - and put marriage laws squarely in the jurisdiction of the states, yet they want to define marriage on their terms for every state and want to deny legally married individuals the rights and privileges they are entitled to.

As they say - Can't have your cake and eat it.

I'm so proud that the ruling came here in Connecticut.  Read more at link above.


  1. How odd is it that I get my News from you? I'm so out of it.
    This is great news! Thank you!

  2. Great news from the Nutmeg State! Keep up the good work, y'all.



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