Friday, July 27, 2012

American Accents - A Little Humor

My buddy Russ at Blue Truck Red State recently posted a comedy sketch about Southern accents vs Northern accents.  Apparently Southerners think the comedy routine was hilarious.  I didn't get it.  But it made me think of Greg and Donny who do comedy sketches about the Piksberg accent.

For Northerners, there is but one Southern accent - most of us can't readily tell the difference between a Texas twang and a Mississippi drawl.   Or is it a Texas drawl and a Tennessee twang?

Up north, especially in the Northeast, there are almost as many accents are there are neighborhoods.  Lung I-land, Brwooklyn, Bahston, New Yawk, Na Hamsha, Haaartferd, etc.

Now here are Greg and Donny.  I don't know why I think they are a stitch, perhaps because they're just so real - and Donny is SO cute.

 And one more.

 Go to YouTube to see more.


  1. Cute but I don't get it. Where's Piksberg?


    There are many Southern accents, never knew y'all had more than 3: Brooklyn, Bahstahn, and the rest of the country.

    Oh and that irritating, girly, California-boy accent. Like Tom Selleck's.

  2. There are distinct accents even in North Carolina. Just move east to west and you'll hear it.

    And so true about Boston and New York. I'm closer to Boston and my speech is heavily inflected by both.

  3. Why the attack on Merry Old England? We're 'Hilariously Quirky' now, the Nuu Yoik Times said so!

  4. Tim - no attack on England, though I must say when I was there recently, I sometimes questioned whether we speak the same language.



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