Monday, May 28, 2012

Where In The World Were We Now?

(Forgive my post-title phrasing)
There are some clues here and there as to where we've been of late.  Gosh, sometimes we just can't stay put.

Captions to come later.

Pretty In Pink
Floor Tiles - Underground Mall
Promenades Cathédrale

Rue St. Paul
Hottie 2
Pretty in Red
Cirque du Soleil


Marche Jean Talon
New And Old
Montreal Mutants
BioDome Trump'doeil
Older Than You
Japan Garden
Drag Queen Nightmare
Hottie 3

Manifestation des Etudiants


Mitchell is Moving said...

Montreal? If not (or if yes), the photos are beautiful. Wouldn't mind being there myself!

Cubby said...

I'm going to guess... Spain (judging by the hotties in the green and red shirts)


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