Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Un Week-end à Montréal

Alas, not Spain, not some city in France, but next door in Montreal.  I was surprised how some of my high school French is still available somewhere in my brain.  All it takes is hearing it spoken or being hungry for crepes.  Darn I didn't get photos of those crepes!

The demonstration on yesterday's post "La Manifestation Etudiants" was unique, though not for Montreal.  Students and others march every evening at 8:00pm to protest the increase in tuition for University.  They pay next to nothing by US standards, but went on strike about three months ago in protest.  The Provincial Government just passed a bill that restricts public demonstrations - making these "spontaneous" events illegal by requiring advance notice with itineraries and other restrictions which are now causing even more protest as people feel their rights are being violated.

The unique "Pots and Pans" marches effectively create a nuisance during dinner time every evening, the din of metal on metal, or wooden spoons on metal can be heard everywhere, although the banging is rhythmical, even musical at times.  Groups usually converge on St Catherine St. or a park, thousands strong.  It's nice to see young people protesting, but too bad it's not for a cause.

Pink Balls
170,000 Pink Balls Over Rue Ste. Catherine Street

Cirque Du Soleil 
Hope Faith and Charity

Where You Can Buy Garden Plants Today
That Will Look Better Than My Garden Plants In August
Queue for the BioDome On Free Museum Sunday 

At The Jardin Botanique
Japanese Gardens


  1. I haven't been to Montreal since I was a kid. It was beautiful then and looks even more beautiful now. No surprise you didn't get photos of those crepes. You probably didn't remember until they had been inhaled!

  2. Never been there but looks like great fun!



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