Sunday, May 13, 2012

Floors Project Completed

Leon and I obviously spent too much time watching Martha Stewart during our formative gay years.  We have put the house in order for this photo-op.  Within the next eight hours there will be shoes by the door, computers on the coffee table, a Diet Coke can on the arm of the chair, a dog on the couch, wallets, keys, cameras, loose change, papers, mail, unpaid bills, and dirty dishes on the counter.

So before all that, here are some pics of our new floors and bathroom.

We are definitely "design on a dime" kind of guys.  If I had to define our decor, it is a combination of Mission, Deco, Southwestern and Tuscany, plus odds and ends.

Living room has a new area rug.

Benni pointing out the smooth transition from the living room to kitchen.

Kitchen tile is a travertine marble look

We rescued this hutch fifteen years ago when someone was throwing it out.  I always meant to refinish it but stripping it down to the wood just seemed like too much work.  So I finally painted it.  I'm not sure I like my color choice...

Transition from the kitchen to the sunroom is seamless.  There used to be a one and a half inch drop to the sunroom.  Sunroom tiles are 'chocolate'.

The sunroom is our dining room for at least three seasons.

Bathroom got new tile floor, a new sink/vanity, medicine cabinet and light fixture.

We had a bit of difficulty installing the vanity as the baseboard is tile and the cut out was cut about 1/4 inch too short, so the vanity did not slide in against the wall.  Some friends offered a fix - put it flush against the tile on the bottom and shim the top and sides.  We did that and it looks pretty good.

The floor tiles are a matte finish, actually a bit grainy, a non-slip surface.

It's now on to the garden.


  1. Looks great, y'all did a bangup job. Everything looks so neat and cozy - a lot of work I know, but I hope you guys realize how blessed you are.

  2. I LOVE your home! You have so much to be proud of. So when's the party?

  3. Everything looks incredible. Charming. Interesting. Eclectic. Inviting. Comfortable. The beauty is in the details.

    And so clean and neat!

  4. Absolutely stunning and in good taste. How terribly neat...makes me envious. I do have the excuse that there are 8 of us in my house including a 6 month baby and there are toys and baby things everywhere. But yours is a place that feels as if you've arrived at home.

    good job

  5. Thanks guys, you are all so kind. We love our little 1,000 square foot house and consider ourselves very fortunate to have a place like this. Believe me it takes only hours for us to give it that lived-in look - nothing ever stays put...I should take pictures now...



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