Monday, August 16, 2010

Some Photos of Provincetown

(As always - Click to Enlarge)
Just returned from a few days in PTown - one of my favorite places, and by far, my favorite Summer Place. As expensive as ever. That's why we stay at the campground.  This was the week before Carnival Week - one of the Town's big crowd attractions.  Although we saw several "Vacancy" signs up and it was mid-week, my theory this year is that the economy hasn't impacted the Cape to any great extent because those who used to summer in Europe or elsewhere are cutting back and slumming in PTown.
For example:
The yacht comes with 3 matching Vespas, of course.
We were disappointed to learn that the sailing Schooner Hindu wasn't in port this year.  We met up with Captain Kevin at a seafood restaurant in Wellfleet.   Apparently the ship was seized in Key West as the on-going drama between the financier, the bank and the operator came to a head.  Supposedly the issue will be settled soon, but too late for the Hindu to return to Provincetown this season.
Leon at Maria's

You have to press the shutter-button half down to focus, then all the way...
View from Commercial Street
Rainbows, no rain
Morning Coffee at Joe's
Souvenirs anyone?
Pink Beach Rose on Blue Sky
Ruby Slippers
Hatch's Harbor

Bay Lady's First Mate


  1. Cool pics, man. Say, when are you guys going to invite me for a yacht ride? I could meet you at the dock in Galveston . . . I'll even bring a case of beer.


  2. Thanks for these pics. Haven't been to P-town in years. Those that have will keep on traveling and spending as always. Aw! Cute pic of Benedict Bentley.



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