Friday, June 18, 2010

Bluff Point

Took a day hike to Bluff Point. Connecticut is not known for its beaches as we are not on the open ocean - Long Island Sound doesn't get the waves and hasn't always been the cleanest body of salt water. But, no disrespect intended, in light of the Gulf oil spill, I think our beaches moved up a notch. Having a beach spoiled is just sad and sickening - just to think of - I can't imagine actually being there. What can we, the "small people" all over this country, do to help?

It's a treck from the parking lot to the beach.
Typical Connecticut beach sign.  I've seen all of the following at one time or another: "No dogs, no horses, no glass bottles, no frisbees, no ball-playing, no coolers, no flotation devices, no alcohol, no swimming, and absolutely no nudity.  The piping plovers are nesting. So we couldn't use the beach.  Tell me that screaming little children don't frighten the piping plovers more than a well behaved dog.

Looks like a morning glory, but it was 2 in the afternoon.

Beach Rose
Rocky shore

Not typical on a New England beach
Hiked further to a nice little cove
Benni took his first swim - check out his blog
Nice view
The area was once private property - but the exclusive homes were wiped out in a hurricane back in the 1940's or 50's.  Stone walls are everywhere in New England with stone walls bordering the fields.  Connecticut was once practically clear cut of forest for ship building and homes and for farm land.  Now we have less than 200 small farms left.


  1. But here in RI the beaches are well used.

    The whole Piping Plover thing is ridiculous anyhow. I remember when the closed Moonstone beach because of that bird. Outright closed it, no swimming, no humans, nothing. Nature habitat now.

  2. Oh, how I remember Moonstone! My all-time favorite beach in the world. 99% of the Connecticut shoreline is inaccessible because it borders on "Private Property" of the wealthy.

  3. That's a really dumb place for the sign unless they expected you swam ashore with your dog in which case I don't think you would swim back to sea. Maybe there should be a sign to tell the Plovers to get over it and not be so sensitive!



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