Thursday, April 15, 2010

Not Much New

I haven't been following the news too closely.  Got pretty tired of the Catholic/Vatican/Coverup/Whatever.  It just seems to be going nowhere.  And I have pretty much the same feelings about the US political scene right now.

Still busy doing some paid jobs (grant writing) and even though it doesn't bring in much of a paycheck, I don't regret my decision to freelance.  No commute, and even better - no delicate personalities to tip toe around or make nice-nice to when I haven't slept well or am otherwise in a nasty mood.

Remember that truckload of concrete pavers I got for free?  Well, I had no project in mind and didn't know where to unload them.  Leon suggested I put an ad in Craig's List while they were still in the back of the truck.  Got a taker for $100.  Not too bad for a good workout and a drive to deliver them a few towns away - and two cute guys helped unload the truck to boot.

Hope the beautiful spring is not followed by a summer of strange meteorological phenomena caused by the volcanic eruptions in Iceland.  We have a friend who just went to London for two weeks - he may be there longer than he planned if the planes can't get off the ground.

We've never had a bird fly into the glass windows on our sunroom.
 Too bad for this little fella, a pretty Cardinal.

Picked a couple of daffodils and some rhododendrons for this
"Still Life" Photo
Well let me go read some of you guys' blogs now. See ya.


  1. Love the still life.

  2. I can relate, all the news seems so ugly and a big friggin' mess everywhere you look - I've had to pull back from keeping up with it all too.

    So sad about the little bird. I have a pair here, they usually are the very last to eat out of the feeder, just before dusk. But lovely flowers, neat photo.



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