Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ferns, Blossoms, Ticks and Catholic Woes

Some Ferns 

This is an aromatic plant called "Sweet Fern", Comptonia peregrine.  Its fragrance is neither pleasant nor unpleasant, but very strong.


Wild Violet


Yes, Dandelion "Dent de Leon"

Grape Hyacinth

Lilac buds

Red Maple

Japanese Knotweed.  It grows everywhere it can get a foothold: fields, the sides of driveways and roads. It grows THROUGH asphalt.  It grows inches or more in a day at this time of year.  It has a root system that travels underground so that even if you pull it up, the roots will grow again and find their way to another spot.  It is only one of many of Mother Nature's tools of revenge.

It is definitely TICK SEASON.  Last night I felt really lousy, aching all over, tired, groggy, not quite feverish. Took Acetaminophen and felt a little better. This morning I found a tiny tick attached under my arm and a nice red area.  Yanked the cusser out with a tweezer.  This achey feeling was back today.  Now I've had a hundred tick bites, if I've had one.  Its a local hazard if you're a gardener or a hiker.  But I've never felt this icky.   Years ago I received two doses of a lyme vaccine for humans which they took off the market before I got my third shot.  This makes me test positive for Lyme disease antibodies.  Will see the doctor tomorrow, but I don't know how they will figure out whether I've contracted the actual disease or not.

On a totally different plane of existence - just a note on current events:
I couldn't imagine how the woes of the Catholic Church could get any worse.  But apparently they have. Enlightened Catholicism: The Other Shoe Drops lets us know about other priestly transgressions.  And this is another factor debunking the whole argument blaming homosexual priests for the all of the abuse and troubles of the Catholic Church.  


  1. Cool pics Frank, I like #2 especially, would look good framed.

    Regarding the priests, etc.: it all seems strangely familiar, like the opening chapter of a book on the Reformation, no?

    PS sorry about your tick problem. I found a garter snake in my garden the other day and I was NOT amused at all with that.

  2. I got started on a 30-day course of Doxycycline today despite no specific diagnosis by the Doc. The blood tests may tell if I have Lyme or another tick-borne illness, or none of the above. The science of Lyme Disease is sketchy at best. There are some doctors who don't believe there is such a thing as Lyme Disease. Well, I felt like I got stuck under a steamroller yesterday and last night was one full body ache. So, as far as I'm concerned, that tick had something.

  3. Nice pics, Frank. When I lived in AK, we used to gather fiddlehead ferns in the spring and saute them. As I recall, they were good, but you had to get them when they were quite young; otherwise they were bitter.

    Hope the A/B's are kicking in and you are starting to feel better. 30-days' worth ought to kill ANYTHING!!

    Be well.

  4. Yeah after 30 days of that you should be clean as a whistle, Frank. Good luck and get well soon.



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