Monday, April 26, 2010

A Drop in the Ocean

We save vegetable scraps for the compost pile. We recycle cans and bottles. We dry clothes on the line whenever we can. We grow "organic" vegetables. We don't buy a lot of packaged foods. We re-use just about anything. We don't use pesticides or herbicides so we have grubs and weeds. We don't use a lot of chemical products like "air fresheners", cleaners, or cool whip. We don't even buy the newspaper. But this is nothing - a mere drop in the ocean.

A view of the Gulf off Biloxi, MS a year after Katrina

But in one day, 42,000 gallons of crude oil are spilling into the ocean off of Louisiana. In one day the efforts of millions of contentious citizens and environmentally conscious individuals are offset by an oil well gone wrong.  And the worst has not even happened yet.  What are we doing to our world?  What insanity.

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