Friday, March 26, 2010

Tree Planting Time

Leon has been wanting fruit trees and I've been reluctant because our soil on the mountain is all rock and sand.  There are naturally growing Oaks, Hemlocks and Mountain Laurel which indicate very acidic soil.  There is too little sun on the property except on the right-of-way which is also rock and more rock and sand.  

But it was my birthday, so he bought me three fruit trees.  I told him, apparently after he had already purchased the trees, not to buy me anything that required WORK.  Unfortunately, this required work.  But I was not going to be stuck with the job alone.

MacIntosh, my favorite and Delicious, Leon's Favorite.

So we planted these trees together and it took a couple of hours or more.  And, although 3 chocolate chip cookies are good for probably 200 calories, I'm sure all our shoveling, hauling and excavating rocks burned off only about 50.
If they survive, among the spruce I planted over the past few years and if the insects don't destroy them, they may eventually bear fruit.   I wonder how long it will be.
Peaches another favorite.

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  1. Good luck with your trees; I'm going to plant a few flowers this weekend and hope they live. No green thumb here, but it's nice to have a little color in the yard.



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