Saturday, March 27, 2010

Something Amiss

While my honey and I are planting trees, the ex-governor of Alaska is busy, along with a cohort of others dividing America into "US" and "THEM".   While I am teaching senior citizens to use a computer, the Bishops of the Catholic church are denying children of Lesbian parents education, refusing communion to politicians who vote their conscience and curtailing social services rather than acknowledge the rights of married couples.  While men and women working for subsistence wages are told to supplement their incomes with government programs, their employers are maximizing profits and raping the budgets of small towns and cities.

Billionaires are getting wealthier (why?) while others cannot afford food or housing.  Capitalism is gone insane, dictating the direction of politics, health care policy and access, availability of medicine, food production and distribution, the use of land and natural resources and so many other critical areas of our lives on the planet.  The entire economy is out of whack.  The ordinary pleasures of the lower classes, like growing a garden or keeping a dog or going to the beach are now out of reach for many (Seriously, go to your local garden supply, check the price of dog food, ask about veterinary charges and heatworm pills, look at what some states charge for park entry fees).

Something is amiss, something is definitely not working.

This is evolution?  This is progress?  I used to believe that we could make a difference.  That people working together could make this world a better place for all.  But when everything is a "tug of war" or an outright war, and decisions and directions are determined by the strongest for the benefit of the strongest, no outcome can be satisfactory.  Unless we come together to determine a course that is to the benefit of all - and maybe benefit is not necessarily greater wealth -  we will be just spinning our wheels and spiraling out of control.  What ever happened to cooperation, consensus, the concept of the "common good"?   These concepts seem to still operate on a small scale but are not translating to the bigger systems of human endeavor, like governments or communities.  Democracy is beginning to look like a failed experiment.  Christianity along with religions in general are beginning to look like the Tower of Babel.

I pose the question.  God knows, I have no answers.  That is why I plant a tree or three, teach at the senior center and start my garden in the window.


  1. All very well said, Frank. Which reminds me of the conclusion of Candide: "Work then without disputing . . . we must cultivate our garden." Though as you say, the expense of even one tiny garden or one little dog is prohibitive these days.

    And yet it may be that tempers will cool and passions abate, let us hope; we are at a very fractious point in American history but there have been other such times too.

    But the viciousness of the far right does blatantly show that many people's religion and politics are definitely not based on sweetness and light, virtue and reason, as claimed.

    Rather, it all comes down to power and control, making the world safe for "me" and "my kind of people" - and screw you if you don't like it, faggot commie creeps.

  2. Well said guys.

    Talking to a friend yesterday, I verbalized the incredible divide between the positivity and empowering nature of Obama's campaign. I had so much hope. But since then, all we hear in the press is the negative spin of the extreme right wing. I guess that as Obama inspired hope and coming together, we were bound to have an opposite reaction of people calling for division and fear.

    I hope we overcome it.



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