Thursday, January 21, 2010

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

We've all seen the reports from Haiti. Yesterday I decided to skip a meal. I didn't believe how difficult it was. Food is so plentiful in this country and so immediately available: the fridge, McDonald's, sandwich shops and fine restaurants in every strip mall and downtown, grocery stores and gourmet shops. I was tempted to dismiss my resolution with a "this is just silly" argument when honey stopped at MickyD's. God knows I am not in danger of starving. I could use a few less meals. So I challenge you: skip a meal. Send the $10 lunch money to Americares, a local food bank or another charity. Put your money where your mouth is.


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  1. "Skip a meal" he says. Then shows us a picture of some mouthwatering pizza-looking dish.


    But I'll consider your suggestion.

  2. Well, I found a picture of a guy with a mouthful of money, that would have been perfect, but it was not public domain and I was in a rush...



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