Sunday, December 27, 2009

Greetings and Memories

I just finished scanning some photographs for a friend I went to school with in Rome forty-one years ago and had to chuckle at myself. Do I look like a gay "guido" or what?  Inside that cool exterior was an insecure, lonely soul.  Damn, to look at him now, I'm thinking I could have had some fun.

I also ran across something I wrote some years back, appropriate to the season:

December, 1998

...dreams evaporate more quickly than years
yet another year has done just that
while we were playing at the lake or watching 
fiery ocean sunsets...
busy times can conspire to deny us cool summer
tonics in the backyard...or long mountain
hikes...or watching storm lightening from the 
comfort of the porch...
remember...when a whole day's plan consisted of
picking autumn apples, rolling crusts and
sharing homemade pie with friends...
   (now such things are often just grocery chores
   encased in plastic containers without the
   anticipation that warm cinnamon excites...)
december offers the gift of another year
of lake days and ocean sunsets...of tonics, hikes
and storms...and the lingering scent of cinnamon
to excite your buds...

wishing you peace and contentedness

Frank and Leon


1 comment:

  1. A lovely wish, Frank, now you got me smelling apples and cinnamon. Grin.

    And damn what a great pic. Guido nothing, looks like a good time to me. I'd have hit on you . . . .



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