Saturday, December 19, 2009

Season's Greetings

With a link from Ultra Dave I took the Christmas Tree Test.

And it's pretty much on the money for me:
During the holidays, you do things your own way.  Except even more so.  I've expressed my feelings about the holiday before.  
You have eccentric decorations and traditions. My only concession to the holiday this year has been to bake Christmas Cookies.

 We don't even have a "Charlie Brown" tree this year or wrapped gifts or the stockings.  We don't have any decorations except for the ceramic tree and a wreath in the sunroom.

You like to keep things a little kooky and crazy. Hubby wrote cards.  We had some friends over for a "traditional Christmas lasagna" a few weeks ago.  No gifts, just dinner. 
You hate it when the holidays are too upscale or stuffy. We decided - and this year it was more hubby than me - to avoid Holiday parties and even family get-togethers (which for Leon is easy as family is at a distance).  We are definitely as far as you can get from "upscale".
You believe that the holidays are for everyone, and you like to make your own celebration funky and eclectic. We are planning to spend a quiet day at home or somewhere...we wanted to go to a gay guest house in Vermont but money is an issue this year.
You mix and match what you like best. No one is going to tell you how to celebrate this year!  That sums it up.

Money.  It really is all relative.  We have everything we need (new tires, fuel oil, food).  What we "want" we can't afford (and you probably can't afford to give it to us either).  We did go "shopping" (read "looking") for that LED Panasonic TV, a new gas range, a snowplow for the truck, new Apple Computer) but came home with groceries and a few odds and ends from Ocean State Job Lot. 

Leon got "us" a Netflix subscription and a Roku box which allows you to watch Netflix movies and TV series on demand over the internet and wireless router.  It really is cool, and definitely worth the price - especially as we are TV/movie junkies.  Hubby always manages to get "us" something he wants, "Well, you use it too."

So I guess you can say we are a "Bah Humbug" couple this year.  Merry Christmas.


  1. Hey Frank!
    I followed the link to the Christmas Tree Test. Looks like I came out the same as you, eclectic and definitely not upscale!
    You guys sound a lot like us. We try to minimize the hoop-la, put up some lights mainly for us to see in the back yard, and stay away from the mall, except for the occasional "drooling session" at Best Buy over the LCD TV's. I'll have to check out that Roku box thingy you talk about - sounds cool. We have a constant stream of Netflix to our mailbox.
    Also, I can relate to hubby managing for us to get things for "us", although I have to admit that I really don't mind! How funny!
    Hope you guys enjoy your holiday.

  2. I, too, took the Christmas Tree test and this is what it said about me:
    During the holidays, you take celebrating very seriously. It's like a job for you.
    You make sure that every stocking is hung and that every Christmas card is sent.
    You believe it's your responsibility to make sure that no one is forgotten. You have the longest Christmas list of anyone you know.
    You can relax once everything is taken care of. You tend to start your holiday planning and shopping early.

    i keep it simple and loose. It's too much stress otherwise!

  3. You did better than we did. We don't have a single decoration up. We're going to "celebrate" by going to movies all day.

    Have a great holiday!



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