Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Art Class

Wednesday, September 16

Sitting at the boat launch area on the East End where five artists are at work capturing the land/seascape. I am seated on a bench overlooking their canvases and papiers. I thought, just like in grade school, the teacher would go around and comment on all the attempts at art by the fifth-graders. Inevitably some would, even at that age, be blessed with a talent for color and keeping within the lines. Some would be more creative, some would be neat, but others would just make a big mess and wonder why their pictures did not look like the teacher's.

To my surprise, one of the artists, the one working with oils stopped what he was doing and began to make the rounds. The art instructor. His real talent is coming up with positive comments so as not to discourage his students. The poor woman in front of me, using pastels, had made quite a mess, blending the colors of sky and water and sand into mud. But I overheard the teacher say something to the effect that, "You may become quite an artist...yet." Diplomacy at work.

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