Friday, August 7, 2009

Finally A Beach Day

Connecticut still has some relatively untouched places. This is one of my favorites, Bluff Point in Groton (The link it to a typically drab State of Connecticut website. Here is another from the same website). It is usually nearly deserted. Thing is, you must walk or bike about a mile and a half or boat in. This discourages and most multi-offspring families, umbrellas, coolers, blaring music and other annoyances. There are no concession stands, showers or boardwalks. Just sand, rocks, vegetation and several hiking trails.

CLICK ON THESE PHOTOS FOR A BETTER VIEW (Except for the one of me)
Looking West Along Bushy Point Beach

Looking East From Halfway Down The Beach

Bushy Point and Bushy Point Island

I Love Islands

OMG, I'm Fat

Looking Across the Poquonnock River Inlet

Nothing Lasts

Beach Roses

Beach Rose Hips

Slipper Shells and Mussle

Seaweed and Rocks Under Water

Shoreline Vegetation

"Well, Mildred, we've finally got a good beach day."
"Aw, shut up George, and go find us some lunch."

At Bluff Point End of the Beach Looking West to Bushy Point

Why does this area remeind me of a Greek Island? I've never even been to Greece.

Bluff Point Looking East

Glacial Rocks Are Strewn All About

A Pretty Green

Rocks and Sky

Finally, A Beach Day!

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