Sunday, July 26, 2009

Barn Raising Party

When Leon decided he needed a new tool shed I balked. It had to do with $$$ and the fact that cramming the two lawn mowers, snow blower, roto-tiller, winter treds, assorted tools, garden supplies, ladders and miscellaneous items into the existing shed was not only possible but functional. To make a long story short, the best I could do was talk him down from the 18 x 24 foot luxury model with four windows, two skylights and a front porch with a railing and a rocking chair to a more practical 8 x 8 foot do-it-yourself model with doors.

We were discussing when we were going to attempt construction, and I mentioned that we should have a barn raising. The idea needed no further discussion. Leon was on the cell, calling all of our butch and not so butch friends and inviting them to an old fashioned barn-raising. Either our friends really like us or they have no lives, so many of them actually said yes.

Anyhow, on Friday Leon and I prepared the site, leveled the supports and constructed the floor.

On Saturday morning Dave and Al were first to arrive. Here is Dave, a la "Village People" ready to go.

Things got off to a leisurely start. Leon, Joe and Dave do some stategic measuring.

With Jim and Al giving their approval.

Jeffery (red shirt) and Bob (yellow) and Edward (blue, next photo) showed up to supervise.

Rich, seated and Andrew seated, supervising along with Bob and Ed

Things moved along quite well. Jim overseeing David's work.

There was considerable bantering, and even a fair amount of camping, (not the tent-in-the-wood-kind) as overheard talk of Noel Coward and Betty Davis or some equally campy movie stars of old.

Everyone took a nice lunch break: Hot dogs, Italian Burgers (ground beef, bread crumbs, eggs, parmesan cheese, garlic, basil, parsley, green pepper, onion, salt and pepper), homemade cole slaw, potato salad and mac salad. Jeffrey brought a scrumptious chocolate cake Kahlua whip dessert.

Ed and Jeff, Jamie plating up.

The doors went on without a hitch.

Jamie, the roofer and Kurt the trim man.

Leon, Joe, Jamie and Dave starting the shingles.

Al got right up there to give Jamie some competition.

Opps, How did that happen?

Our new Tool Shed

Apres Barn Raising. The wood is so wet, it was difficult to get started. Someone suggested blowing on it. Leon got the leaf blower and a little gasoline.


What a great day, great friends, good food, nice conversation and most of all: "THANK YOU GUYS!"

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  1. see, now THAT'S the way to do it! instead, it was just me on a very hot hawai'i day, trying to get that thing put together. it's all good tho.



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