Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Watching PBS's Nova documentary Judgment Day: Intelligent Design on Trial last night gave me a dose of adrenalin that kept me awake. For someone who's a light sleeper and has had a problem with insomnia, the program should have come with a warning: "May cause rapid heartbeat and sleeplessness in most educated, rational humans especially those who have experienced psychological and/or physical violence or other prejudice (e.g. homosexuals) at the hands of irrational, close-minded, fundamentalist, so-called "christians".

The movie follows the story of a school board in a Pennsylvania town which tried to interject "intellegent design" into the high school science curriculum and the science teachers that opposed the measure. Those on the school board pushing "intelligent design/creationism" as a legitimate scientific theory along side that of evolution, are of the same ilk as those who refused to believe Galileo , and those who today condemn gay and lesbian persons on the basis of some misinterpreted biblical passages and in the face of so much scientific and psycho-social evidence demonstrating that sexual orientation is a natural, morally neutral, human variation.

Seeing them twist language to make things fit their predefined mold was both frustrating and upsetting. These "true believers" are closed to any possibility of discovery, of learning, of actually changing their concrete, black and white, blinder-constricted view of the world. At least most intellectual religions have long ago reconciled reason/science with scriptural allegory.

I think these fundamentalists should forego taking advantage of any medical or scientific discovery that has been made on the basis of the theory of evolution or on the basis of the origin of species or on the basis of the related science of genetics. That would include most of the food they eat.

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