Sunday, November 11, 2007

Anti-Christmas Tree

Our Tree- December 2006.
We have this tradition that we don't have very traditional Christmas Trees. We especially don't pay more than $15 for a tree, unless it can be planted outdoors. Last year we had a tall thin Juniper that we planted in the corner where the sun-room juts out from the house. One year I used an inverted wire tomato cage and wired all kinds of greens to it that I gathered from 2+ acres of woods on our property.

This year we've already got our tree - fresh cut and for free, AND we did not purposely destroy a tree for this purpose AND its already in its recycle stage.

Two women across town asked Leon to help them with a dump run. We went to their house on Saturday morning to load up our truck with branches and trunks of two trees they had cut down in their yard. One happened to be a nice spruce tree. I had visions of wreaths and the prospect of selling them for $10 each, but the amount of work, or more importantly, time, that would be required made it unrealistic.

The tree-top however would make a perfect tree, well, our definition of perfect: less than $15 and preferably with an element of recyclability and a "Charlie Brown" homeliness. Leon wants to decorate it with baby's breath. He'd better not spend more than $15 on it, that's all.

We loaded two truckloads of wonderfully fragrant evergreens and headed to the dump. What a place to go for greens for the holidays. In addition to the beautiful spruce branches we delivered, there were holly greens and parchment hydrangeas. What a terrible waste. And people will be paying maybe $75 for a wreath or spray during the holidays. I'm keeping this in mind for next year!

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