Monday, October 17, 2016

Taking A New Mexico Fall Foliage Tour

Taking a break from reading the news feeds about all the political crap that's such a downer lately. Even though I did enjoy Saturday Night Live's last skit spoofing the debate.

But for a change of pace here are some photos of the fall foliage here in the Rio Grande valley between Cochiti Pueblo, Sile, and Santo Domingo Pueblo.

Not exactly New England, but gorgeous golden Cottonwood trees follow the river and well, see how pretty they are:


  1. Very pretty, but I'm loving the ones of the horses.

  2. Definitely not New England but it is beautiful nonetheless. I love seeing fall foliage photos (with blue skies). I found Seattle's changing colors depressing to experience first-hand. I've spent too many years in climates like this one.



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