Monday, January 19, 2015

A Study In Dead Wood

Georgia O'Keefe apparently had a dead juniper tree on her ranch that she liked to depict in paintings. We learned this at her Ghost Ranch the other day. (See the photos in the last post which were taken there.)

I am no art critic, but I will go out on a limb and utter the blasphemous statement that O'Keefe is over-rated as an artist. Her admirers are, in my estimation, a bit cultish.

But I will also admit that there is beauty in dead wood.

Here are way too many photos of dead trees and a couple of photos of Leon and I and Benni. (Click photo to enlarge)

Location: Galisteo Basin Preserve, NM

No Service: Beseeching the Cell Phone Gods for a Signal
Benni Thinks Dead Wood is Beautiful, Too


  1. Even dead wood can be beautiful...great post


  2. Speaking of dead wood, did you see this article:

  3. One less gun to worry about...that's a Connecticut perspective.



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