Friday, August 15, 2014

Today's Bounty and Concrete Steps

"What earth has given and human hands have cared for...."

But even loving care could not prevent the blight....
All My Tomatoes Have Early Blight
There Is No Saving Them Now
The Rest Of The Garden Is Doing Well
And The Flowers Are Nice Too

The concrete project was finished a few weeks ago; a little rough, but at least the steps are now even - all close to 8.25 inches rather than the previous 7, 8.5, 9.5, 8, 9.... The last step was a challenge: it is on a sloping driveway so Leon suggested this solution. Not sure a building inspector would approve, but I'm claiming this was a "repair" job under someone's grandfather clause.
Now I have to finish repairing the stone wall to the left. That will be a project for which I will need Leon's muscle - we have collected a number of heavy stones from the property up in back of the house. They will replace some of the smaller rocks.


  1. Too bad about the tomato blight, but glad everything else is alright (ugh... that wasn't planned as a rhyme)!

    Your gardens always look so beautiful. Love that shot in front of the "garden shed"/"summer house" I wouldn't mind living in there! Now that the steps are done, would you mind putting in a picture window for me?

  2. Good job on the steps, and good harvest from the garden. You're a man of parts, Frank.



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