Thursday, July 31, 2014

I'm Getting - Check One: (_)Nervous, (_)Disgusted, (_)Depressed, (_)Scared, (_)Drunk

Who Needs A NEW Monster?
Just been reading (I Should Be Laughing, RH Reality Check, Alliance For Justice, and others) about Hobby Lobby, the Supreme Court, Forced Arbitration, "Christian" Arbitration, the Congress Suing the President, and other disturbing matters.

The other day I listened to NPR interviewing the author of The Collapse of Western Civilization, A View From the Future. While that is mostly about global warming, the underlying problem of Western Civilization's failure to respond was cultural.

And I think by  cultural is meant the likes of Rush Lamebrain, the Christian right and other anti-science and anti-intellectual bozos along with the One Percent, their cash cows and Corporate Power and Money - the forces that are currently at work dismantling our Democracy word by precious word.

It seems that religion in the marketplace is the new norm, the Supreme Court justices are the new Opus Dei Bishops, and that the west coast is burning, leaving the faucets open, while the rest of the country is falling apart from tornados, failing infrastructure, Big Brother and Sharknados while the do-nothing Congress, another new norm, is going on vacation again - (they only actually don't work when they're at work, so what's the difference?)

So I can check all of the above except "drunk" - unfortunately, I don't drink - save for an occasional beer or wine - and could not even force myself to drink enough to get drunk at this stage of my life - but you know, I sometimes wish I could.


  1. I agree that the world is going to hell not in a handbasket but on a runaway roller coaster, for the reasons you mentioned and also some others often overlooked.

    But cheer up, man - at our age, we probably won't be around to see the final crash and burn, so no need to fret about it - we peons are powerless - so as Candide said, we must "cultivate our garden" and be content.

    That's my take on things, anyway.

  2. After reading all this I'll gladly get drunk for you.

  3. I could check a few of those boxes as well!

  4. I can check all but "drunk," as well. But I DO drink a bit; so maybe I should drink a bit more.



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