Friday, January 31, 2014

Classic Verbal Gay-bashing by Hetero Bully Grimm.

 I must say that when I first heard the story about NY Congressman Grimm's threatening statements to NY1 reporter Michael Scotto, I thought to myself and said out loud to Leon, "He sounds exactly like he's a big macho heterosexual bully trying to intimidate a gay guy."

I also said, "Every news reporter should be outraged that one of their colleagues was treated that way."

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Now, when I said that, I had no idea that the reporter, Scotto, is in fact gay. Just that in comparison to bully Grimm he looked like a mild-mannered chap, considerably less intimidating and probably in Grimm's view, an easy target.

I also thought that as a reporter, Scotto was quite gutsy to ask Grimm about the campaign contributions issue. After all, that's what reporters do, and the good ones are gutsy, trying to get the scoop on a story. Michael Scotto was merely doing his job.

Despite what Scotto and his colleagues say about Grimm's threats not being gay-bashing, I can only say, as a gay man, these are the kinds of things we have heard before - and always aimed at someone who is gay or perceived to be gay - and always coming from some macho, misogynistic, heterosexual homophobe of a male type asshole.

Despite what the straight men who offer their opinions might think - straight men RARELY IF EVER GET IT. They say, "well that's just how men talk to other men, other straight men, when they get angry."  That misses the point. The language and the bullying is in its essence, homo-hating. It equates being "man enough" with being able to intimidate, fight, hurt, maim and kill the weaker male. The basis of this is the same as what underlies hate crimes against gays.

The fact that it rings so true - the posturing, the threats, the language are classic hetero bullying tactics - makes it definitely a hate act, in my opinion.

What do you guys think?


  1. I don't know if i'd call it gay-bashing, or gay-bullying, just because the reporter is gay.
    I didn't hear Grimm say any anti-gay slurs, or even use the word gay--unless i missed it--and i think he'd have said the same thing to any reporter, as long as that reporter wasn't bigger than himself, or a woman.

  2. Bob, you may have read this before my final revision. No anti-gay slurs were not used, but I think the underlying cultural attitude is the basis of most anti-gay hate crimes.

  3. I felt the same way Frank the first time I heard/saw it the other day.
    Grimm is from Staten Island. Need I say more?

  4. Agree with all you said, Frank. Grimm is a fucking creep, like all high-school bullies. Sad thing is, the hate doesn't stop when they leave high school.

    I felt so sorry for the reporter, who was totally not expecting that. I hope the experience strengthens him in the long run. Plenty of other (straight) reporters have gotten into politician's faces - can you say Sam Donaldson - but they don't get that kind of abuse and threats. Totally unacceptable.

  5. I'm in complete agreement, Frank. And, whether classified as gay bashing or not, appalling behavior. So glad he was caught on camera. (His "apology" that followed the next day was equally appalling.)

  6. PS - Here's an article from 1902 that is just as virulent as Grimm's tirade. There's something pathological about this morbid fear the big bad boys have of us little nelly guys - why?

  7. Russ,
    I remember seeing this before, via your blog. But note the conclusion of the treatise:

    "What then is the conclusion? Men like in men these traits: the honor that ennobles; the justice that insures the right; the reasonableness that mellows and makes plain; the courage that proclaims virility; the generous instinct that disdains all meanness; the modesty that makes no boast; the dignity that wins respect; the fineness and the tenderness that know and feel. But when one thinks of it more carefully, may he not sum it up in just a single sentence, and accept it as truth, that all men like a gentleman?"

    Conclusion: this Grimm congressman is no gentleman.



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