Thursday, October 3, 2013

One of the Best Articles I've Read About the Gov't Shutdown

Meet the Morons in Esquire: The Reign of Morons is Here by Charles Pierce


  1. Awesome essay - every word he says is true, especially: "They came to Washington to break the government of the United States." And all the rest.

    I take exception, though, to one statement: "We did this . . . we handed ourselves over to the reign of morons." To which I can only reply with the punch line of an old Lone-Ranger-and-Tonto joke:

    "What you mean 'we,' paleface?"

    *I* certainly have never, ever voted for any of the Republican bastards!

    Thanks for posting this, though - I may have to quote it on my blog too.

  2. But it utterly amazes me how the Republican bastards and their supporters can in all seriousness twist the truth and spin the news to make themselves into heros and patriots and demonize Obama and the Democrats and their supporters.

    One of the problems is that there is little incentive for true believers on either side to look at facts in their complexity and there are few places where facts or fictions are presented in an unbiased fashion. Most of us to be honest and depending on the choir we're in, tend to chose the preacher whose message we agree with.

    And to that point - another video readers might like - among Rachel Maddow's many excellent commentaries is this one:

  3. I had already seen the Maddow video - she is totally on point as usual.

    And yes, true believers at both ends of the spectrum tend to hold extreme, doctrinaire positions in the face of all good sense and reason and facts, making outrageous claims and demands. But as Aristotle wrote long ago, the path of excellence and wisdom lies at the golden mean between extremes.

    However, no sane person can deny that the current Republican party is a den of thieves, fools, and fanatics fueled by greedy billionaires and religious hysteria. There is nothing wrong per se with classical conservatism - in fact, society needs to use a brake pedal as well as an accelerator, from time to time.

    But these birds are just fucking CRAZY - detached from all reality and all decency. There is no kinder, gentler way to say it. And hell-bent on the destruction of constitutional government in this country. Thank God no one *smart* enough to be a real demagogue has arisen to lead them - yet.



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