Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Happy Birthday Leon

Made a Birthday dinner this evening for my honey who turned 51.  Did any of us over fifty crowd ever picture ourselves as over fifty when we were twenty or thirty or even forty and still dancing at the disco?  And here he is still a young whipper-snapper at fifty-one!


 We rarely have beef except for a burger or meatballs with spaghetti.  Got some T-bones on special and made potatoes and onions in the microwave with a side of broccoli, glass of Lambrusco and to complete the table decor, a remote control.

Made Leon's favorite - Carrot Cake - recipe at Dinner's Ready.  The three candles are symbolic - symbolic of the fact that I could only scrounge up three candles from the junk drawer.  Leon didn't even wait for me to light the candles and do things properly - as soon as the coffee was done, he cut the cake and dished us both a piece.  Not bad.
Leon, I wish you a Happy Birthday with all my love, Frank.  And as you always quote the great ones, "Who loves ya babe?"


  1. Sweet. Many happy returns to Leon!

    BTW - to answer your question, I can remember somewhere in my thirties remarking to a friend how hard it was to imagine being 60. It's not hard to imagine now, oh boy.

    But where the hell did the time go? It was just last week I was saying that, it seems . . . .

  2. Aw, happy birthday, Leon! Dinner and dessert look so good! The remote is a nice touch. I'll have to remember that.

  3. First to answer your question, no I never could imagine I'd see 50 but here I am two years and one month out from it.

  4. Happy Birthday Leon. Like Russ, I never imagined being over 60 either. That looked like an awesome steak and dinner!

    After 5 tries I finally got a captcha I can read.

  5. Stan, don't you love the Captcha numbers that make you think you have cataracts?



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