Saturday, September 8, 2012

Another Side Of Provincetown

Leon and I are always finding new things to do in PTown - we don't shop for t-shirts anymore or drink either.  We do the outdoors activities and drag the dog along.  He's a good pup loves the beach.

Yesterday we hiked the dune trail to the Dune Shacks at Race Point.  (For info on the historic Dune Shacks, follow the link) The trail starts at Rt.6 and it is about a 50 minute to 1 hour hike depending on whether you stop to take in the spectacular views or take pictures.  If you are not used to walking, it can be strenuous - up and down sand dunes which do not provide "terra firma"..  The trail goes to the shore, which is practically deserted.  There are always a few hikers or people who drive out with an over-sand pass with their 4-wheel drive vehicles.

The pictures here do not do justice to the landscape.  Almost reminds me of White Sands in New Mexico.
You Don't Know What Lies Ahead
Desert Landscape

Two of the Dune Shanties - One Looks Modern
Another Shanty

If This Were For Sale
It Would Probably Be Listed For $1.5 Million
No "En-suite" Facilities Here.
OMG, We've Got To Diet
 I spared you all the photo of the sea gulls feasting on dead harbor seal that washed up on shore.  It was a sobering sight.  Here is a butterfly instead:
Return Hike - Pilgrim Monument in Background


  1. Great pics. Question: have those dunes been planted with tall grass, or does it just grow that way naturally there?

  2. I'm sure in this area the grasses are natural. I've seen some places where grasses are planted for "Dune Restoration". Usually it is obvious that it is planted because of the evenly spaced rows. Out here, the grasses may seem evenly spaced, but it is a more random, natural spacing.

  3. OK, just wondered if it was planted for conservation or not.

  4. I tried to find more info on the beach grass question. Looks like restoration has taken place mostly along the shore line, though the grasses may have been restored to the inland dunes years ago. See:

  5. Thanks for these pics. It's been so long since I was out there on the Cape.
    I give you guys credit for posing with shirts off. Your braver than I am.
    BTW: you guys don't look that bad to me.



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