Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Few Photos of Lambda Car Club Rehoboth 2012

The "Straight Eights" Chapter of Lambda Car Club (Baltimore/Washington DC) held its grand invitational meet in Rehoboth.  Here are a few photos, compliments of Leon (LeBaron).  I am not the car buff in the family, but I know some of you guys just love this stuff.  Just a plug here for our chapter - Lambda Car Club Nutmeg Chapter (Connecticut).

Perhaps the best thing about being gone to Delaware for five days was that I didn't watch the news or read blogs about the presidential race.  I caught up on The Opponent's stupidity today... let's see, now, Why don't the windows in jet planes open so you can get some fresh air in case of a fire?  Gosh, we shouldn't pick on him, this campaigning stuff is hard to do.


  1. Love seeing the old luxury American cars. It's good to know some people are preserving them. Well I'm old enough know a Chrysler Town & Country wagon, Cordoba and Imperial when I see one. Nice. Thanks for the pics.

  2. Great photos. But I can't believe you picked on the mittwit about those windows, especially when you know how hard this is.

  3. I just remembered the Chrysler Imperial had a 1981 "Frank Sinatra Edition" LOL!




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