Wednesday, August 1, 2012

We're Here, We're Queer, You Need Us, Back Off

Thinking about the big Chicken eating crowds that came out to support the Chicken billionaire who donates millions of his Chicken profits to anti-gay causes AND thinking about an adequate response to this event, I am reminded of a short story I read years ago by Robin Hardy entitled The Day the Homos Disappeared, A Cautionary Tale.  

In the story, a Toronto socialite is hosting The Social Event of the year and is dismayed that she is unable to get things done for the big party. She can't get her hair done or have lunch because all the hairdressers have vanished, along with most of the waiters and others.  She realizes that all the homos have disappeared but is completely baffled by why they took the others with them - at least 10 percent of the population has disappeared along with the homos - 10 percent of the police, firemen, teachers, doctors, nurses, bus drivers, bankers, politicians - even her husband has disappeared.  The city just about shuts down in the crisis.

Well, I think a LGBT general strike - a sick day - a boycott of everything day is in order.  If we all just "disappeared" for a day - the teachers, the actors, the EMTs, the service workers, the computer experts, the nurses, the store clerks, the taxi drivers - if we all called in sick, didn't report for work, didn't spend any money on anything, perhaps it would make a statement - we're here, we're queer, you need us, back off.

What do you all think?  I think it would take a lot of convincing for there to be enough participation to make our absence noticeable.  We need a leader to rally the masses!

Ron Romanovsky did a cute song about it: (But I don't think we should be cute at all)

P.S.  What I had for lunch, not that it makes a difference:

AND P.S. Again - here's a link to a letter by 100 law professors about Conscience and Contraception on the day Affordable Health Care Act provision goes into effect.


  1. Frank - buddy - come down off the wall, and have another cannoli.

    I do understand the outrage, really I do - but in the grand scheme of things, it's just a fucking chicken sandwich. And it's just one rich bastard asshole shooting his mouth off.

    Whether we like it or not, that IS his privilege as an American, isn't it? Just as its ours not to buy his crap?

    How has your life changed since he mouthed off last Wednesday, or whenever it was? How exactly have his words harmed you, eh? Is dipshit chicken man really worth running up your blood pressure that way? I ask you.

    We need to focus on shit that makes a damn, not petty, inconsequential things that nobody will remember by next Tuesday, when the world will have moved on to some new and equally pointless cause celebre.

    How about getting 10 friends to all write a letter to your Congresspeeps demanding passage of ENDA? That's more worthy of your time and talents than a fast-food furore.

    Just speaking to you as a friend here, old pal.

    PS - "Day without a Gay" has already been tried - it didn't work. Even in fucking San Francisco!

  2. It would be incredible, wouldn't it?
    And you're right, that is a "cute" video but it does make sense.

  3. I really enjoy Ron Romanovsky's lyrics -- from "I Thought You'd Be Taller" to "Be Political, Not Polite."

    I think the idea of an LGBT Strike is a wonderful fantasy.

  4. Jeeze, Russ, I don't think it is MY blood pressure that's gotten run up.

    Yes the rich bastard certainly has the right to mouth off, but it is precisely his wealth and power that presents a danger to us - especially when his money and thus his ability to reach the ignorant masses with lies, half-truths and innuendo can do irreparable harm. Some people let others do their thinking for them and believe and rally around everything that is said if it is wrapped in the bible, god and the flag. And big rich boys know it.

    News clips did show crowds lining up to eat Chicken and perhaps demonstrated more support for the anti-gay sentiment than may actually exist. However, even a false but dramatic indication of anti-gay sentiment can convince more people to hop on the hate bandwagon.

    Maybe my life hasn't changed since the guy mouthed off, but something has definitely transpired in the country and I'm not sure it is a safer, more tolerant country because of it. So yes, it may be a big deal if it gives more people "permission" to act on their bigotry and homophobia.

    At the bottom of yesterday's post is a link to a letter by 170 law professors refuting the right wing, religionists' talking points about religious freedom and the provision of contraception to women under the Affordable Care Act. Their reasoning, while specific to that issue, is relevant to LGBT issues, including the right to marry, because so much of the vitriol and hate stems from misguided fundamentalist religious doctrine that has no place in fashioning laws that effect the entire populace.

    Call me cynical, but I think writing letters to congresspersons is a joke. I truly don't think anyone is listening.

    So, my point is this: demonstrations of hate and bigotry deserve a response appropriate to the degree of ignorance demonstrated. I think it is time for another civil rights demonstration - but I'm not sure another March on Washington will have much impact. It has to touch the lives of ordinary citizens. My example of a Day Without Homos was a bit of a fantasy - cute, but I had hoped it made a point.

  5. Okay man, if you're having that much fun with it, I'll leave you alone. Go for it, it's a free country.



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