Thursday, August 9, 2012

Photos, no Politics

Monday, July 30 I took a "vacation" day.  Even retired folks need to call in sick once in a while.  

Leon was home due to lack of work so I said, "Here, the dog is yours today. I'm going to the beach."

I drove to Rhode Island to Misquamicut Beach because Connecticut does not have any "real" ocean beaches.  It was a glorious day.  The temperature was perfect, low humidity, nice breeze, no sand flies.  Listened to Brazilian samba music and Soul Flutes.  Walked the beach and felt like I was 18 again. 

The beach on a day like that is Heaven.  If heaven is that good, I'll be happy.

Palm trees in Rhode Island
 This beach shop has palm trees in the ground.  In Rhode Island which is in New England.  Now I've seen palm trees in New England but they are usually potted so they can be returned to a green house for the winter.  I want to know whether these are removed for the winter.  They look rather permanent.

A few odds and ends.  I thought I'd seen a humming bird but on closer look it had antennae.  Its wings were beating like a humming bird.  Looked it up - it is a "hummingbird" MOTH.  Unusual.  What would we do without Google?

We've been spending every other weekend in Vermont at the property of some friends where we've parked our camper for a while.  Lance and Rolyne are very generous to let us share their land - they have water, electric and sewer hook-ups for our camper.  They have a park model "camper" and their place is quite nice.  The yard looks like a State Park - Lance keeps the grounds looking great.
They've got quite the stone driveway.
 We spend our days visiting Vermont friends or they come to our camper for evening cook-out and good conversation.  Lance is a great story-teller and loves to talk.  We always have a good time and some good laughs.

Here are some Connecticut stone walls in Litchfield County.


  1. I haven't been down to Misquamicut in ages.

    And I like your choice of music btw - I love samba doido, favorite group for that is Azymuth.

  2. Congrats on "getting away" for the day! Yes, everyone needs that.
    And you're right, your Friends certainly do have a beautiful property.

  3. I've been fantasizing myself about a day at the beach. Jerry's not a big fan and it's my favorite place. Good for you! I used to love the stone fences of Connecticut. We discovered one on our property in Guilford while clearing some brush. You sure are blessed to have those friends in Vermont!

  4. Looks like a marvelous day at the beach, good for you!

  5. There's not much "new england" about rhode island that's why there is palm trees



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