Friday, August 31, 2012

Old News Will Be New News: Nuns On The Bus

I have a special place in my heart for nuns and women religious even though I may not share all of their religious beliefs.

Sister Simone Campbell was in the news this summer with the Nuns on the Bus Tour refuting the current Republican VP Nominee, Paul Ryan's Budget from a Catholic Social Justice perspective.  Her talk here is inspiring but for some of you readers may be a bit too long and a bit too "religious".  So I also included a shorter video of her on "Hardball with Chris Matthews".

Interesting was her point that social programs like the food stamp program are actually subsidies for business.  They can get away with paying low wages because low wage workers will still be able to eat using food stamps.  And that if such programs are cut as the Republicans wish to do, non-profits that help the poor would really have to struggle to make up the difference, if they even could.  The burden would not be on the private business sector to increase wages of course, so their low wage employees could both eat and pay rent.

Simone Campbell will certainly be in the news again soon: I am looking forward to her talk at the upcoming Democratic Convention.


  1. Bless Sister Simone Campbell's heart! She is totally right. I get a lousy $29/mo in food stamps with an income of $1300/mo from Social Security Disability. To hear the Republicans talk you'd think we we're all living high on the hog. Plus when I go to Social Services here in NJ I'd say 75% of the folks there are poor white working class.

  2. People like Sister Simone Campbell and James Salt can renew one's faith!

  3. Nuns are few and far between here in the WASP Deep South, so I've rarely ever met any. But I sure like the way Sister Simone talks. More power to her.

    Though at this point I'm not what it would take to stop the Republican juggernaut from crushing the life out of everybody who's not already a multimillionaire. Among registered voters, Democrats have always outnumbered Republicans - so why do the latter always seem to keep control of Congress? Which controls the purse strings.

  4. I've often wondered about the numbers: Some conservative Democrats are REALLY Republicans? Lots of Democrats stay home on election day? Republicans stuff the ballot box? Someone counts wrong?



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