Thursday, May 17, 2012

An Era Is Truly Ending - Donna Summer Died Today

As a late gay bloomer, in 1984 I spent many wonderful, amazing, incredible and exuberant hours at the discos and even then the DJs always played something by Donna Summer. She'll always be on my playlist.


  1. Ah, I have the opposite issue of you. I was too damned young. I was 14 years old in 1978.

    So I couldn't get admittance to anyplace that played that. But I had my radio. And it was almost always parked on Kiss 108 at the time.

    I had a stereo in my room. The windows were in the corner of the room, one facing the back yard and the pool. So I'd prop the speakers in there and have music, the pool. Oh it was fun.

  2. I was 10 years old watching and in awe of Donna Summer in Thank God It's Friday. Yes, my parents let me watching anything. I've been singing that song for over 30 years now.
    She'll be missed.
    p.s. Your word verifications drive me nuts!!!

  3. I modified my post to give the year, 1984, when I first started going to the clubs. As a late bloomer, I missed the Disco Heyday of the 1970's, but made up for it when I finally got my membership card and toaster oven. It was an important time for me personally. Donna helped to make it fun.

  4. I danced and partied many a night away to her tunes back in the day when I "came out" in the 70's. I was saddened by the news. RIP.

  5. Just shortlyl after I came out in 1980, a new club opened in the college town where I lived. You could avoid cover charges buy paying for a membership card. I was so proud to be a real "card-carrying homosexual" at last!



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