Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Been Absent

Hi.  Leon and I are in the midst of another house project - getting the floors done.  The sunroom was put up 11 years ago and the floor was never finished.  So we are having that done along with the kitchen and bath, plus we ripped up the wall to wall and are getting the hardwood finished also.  The whole thing is taking longer than we thought, not to mention moving furniture from place to place and having most of it in the two bedrooms.  And dust, etc.  So we are living in our camper at the bottom of our driveway where the wifi won't reach.  Evenings without internet.  I go up to the house once or twice a day to get connected.  Will be back soon.


  1. Hope you survive it all! I, for one, love renovations. Where are the photos?

  2. My favorite part of renovating was always demo. Good luck. I love hardwood floors.

    I'll be moving June 1st. That's almost as bad as renovating. Ugh!



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