Thursday, April 26, 2012

Back to Normal

Yes, getting back to normal after a good night's sleep, and the toe pain pretty much gone.  Thanks guys for your concern.

Just finished my two-mile hike in the woods with the dog, so trying to get back to my routine.

The woods were so quiet this morning, the silence only broken occasionally by a woodpecker knocking or a morning dove calling.  I couldn't help thinking that this is the way the world should be - ninety percent silence.  Only the infrequent sounds of nature - birds chirping and squirrels rustling in the leaves.

Not like the world we've created where you often can't hear yourself think, let alone hear a dove calling.

I'm sitting at a McDonald's (forgive me my trespasses) with a coffee while a TV is playing in one corner and music is playing through the speakers in the ceiling and the gawd-awful beeping of the kitchen timers  that sound like smoke alarms or dumptrucks backing up,are piercing my eardrums at regular intervals (I think there are more than one of them going off at the moment).

I've gotten behind on chores, so gotta go.  A least it should be quiet at home.


  1. Interestingly beeping keys me to pay attention because it's what computers do when something is amiss.

    But I like a quiet environment too. That said, I have no problem living in a city. I get used to its rhythms, it's pace.

  2. So glad the gout pain has passed again. I understand that can be excruciating. I'm impressed that you're back so quickly to a 2-mile walk.

    My mother says McDonald's has the best coffee. And if The Dowager Duchess approves, then you are clearly forgiven.

  3. Thanks Frank for the link to the article on gout. My toes are fine but I think it's crept up to my knees now. Ugh!
    Like you said I worry about the side effects.



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