Monday, January 30, 2012

Let You In On Project Number One

 The "minor" project Leon and I have been working on is painting the living room and kitchen - while also working on another major project, which I can't mention yet.  Here's the result of the paint job.

Note: I am very disturbed by the exaggerated perspective that my camera is imposing on these views.  
Living Room: "Pollen Grains" and "Spice"
In case you notice the rolled-up rug under the credenza, it is to prevent Benni's racquet balls from going under the furniture - when he wants his lost ball, he won't let us rest until we get down and fetch it.
Looking for a Larger Art Piece I Think
Kitchen: "Garbanzo Bean" and
Backsplash: "Pollen Grains"


  1. Looks great. You do great work :-)

  2. What a pretty little house you have, good job guys.

  3. Is that "spice" a deep red? I love it!

  4. Thanks, guys.

    Kind of a red-brown, almost like - and I'm telling you too much now, because I got out the spices and tried this - like a mixture of cinnamon and cloves which reminds me of course, of the Sergio Mendes tune "Cinnamon and Cloves".... there is a definite deep red hue involved. OK, so I'm partially color blind...



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