Thursday, December 15, 2011

What Makes Our "Marriage" Work

You've all no doubt seen the Folger's holiday "Brother and Sister" commercial.  It's been a standard for at least three years, maybe more. If you haven't seen it, see it here:

The gist is: Brother returns home after a long absence in some foreign country, presumably fighting for freedom or just bumming around, it's not clear.

The snow is falling, and his younger sister is brewing Folger's coffee.  He comes to the door, they hug...

He takes a small gift-wrapped package with a red bow out of his knapsack and hands it to his sister.  She takes the bow and sticks it on him.

"What are ya doing?" he says.

She replies, "You're my present this year."

Well the commercial was playing on the tv the other day and and when I heard the sister say "You're my present this year," I yelled out from the kitchen with my usual sarcasm, "What a cheepo, he got her the same thing last year...and the year before!"

Silence.  And  I glance over at Leon and he has tears in his eyes!  "That's so sweet" he says, "and you go making fun."

He is supposed to be the butch one.

So we both had a good belly laugh over that one.


  1. Sweet story that reminds me of me and my late husband. How lucky you guys are.

  2. I'm laughing here imagining this grown "butch" guy bawling over that commercial. So funny!

  3. That sounds like a conversation we'd have around our house.

  4. That's a funny reply you had. I must admit, I saw the commercial this morning and for some stupid reason, got teary eyed. Happy Holidays!

  5. I love this story. Jerry and I do the same thing all the time. In the middle of seeing the movie "Titanic" as I sat between Jerry and his mother, I thought I was going to blow a gasket because I hated it so much. As the ship was aimed nose-down into the sea and I was urging forward the fake-ship's demise, I tried to hide my contempt for his mother's soggy tissue held up to her nose. I turned to find big man Jerry doing the same thing. I was so disgusted, I muttered to him, "The ship DOES sink." I was not very popular that day.



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