Monday, December 26, 2011

Very Nice Gift From Santa Leon

I've been using a Canon Powershot SD1100 IS camera for several years.  I've been happy with its performance overall.

Sometime last year my photos began showing dark spots that were especially noticeable against a blue sky.  The spots are always in the same area of the picture - except when using the zoom feature - then the spots are larger and more centered.  From what I could learn, there may be dust on the lens inside the camera which cannot really be opened for cleaning, or there is a problem with the pixels.

I've been using the touch-up feature on iPhoto to take out the spots and blend the sky on many pictures, but on pictures with clouds, the touch-up was difficult to get without making the clouds muddy.

This shows the spots, two in upper left and one in upper right
 Against the blue sky, the spots are noticeable but can be "fixed".  When they occur on people's faces they look like leprosy or some other skin disease.  I always had to be careful of my aim so as to make sure the spots were not located on a face, and then crop out the areas where the spots showed.

I was quite surprised to get a very nice new camera for Christmas.  This is a Canon Powershot ELPH 310.  (Canon has a few dozen Powershot models and I don't know much, except that this one is highly rated.  Santa Leon said he did the research (and he got a very good deal at one of the Big Electronic Stores that we LGBT folks are supposed to be avoiding).

Compare the two cameras taking similar shots today; I'm not sure the settings were set the same, and the picture quality seems comparable, although in some other shots there was a noticeable difference (improvement) in color quality with the new camera.

But I won't have to doctor up every picture.
The dark spots are somewhat less noticeable here
because of the zoom-in 
The New Canon is Crisp and Clear
I purchased Leon an update for his Garmin GPS.  When I hit download I didn't realize that it would take about six or seven hours to download; keeping Leon out of the guest room while it was downloading was quite a challenge.  That's a whole other story, but suffice it to say I was able to complete the task without him having a clue.

Remember a world without electronics, except maybe a transistor radio?


  1. Yes, I remember transistor radios, it was a BIG deal when I got one for my 10th birthday. Also only 3 channels on TV. And anytime you wanted to make some food or beverage hot, you had to expect to wait at least 10-15 minutes, if not longer.

    But what a nifty gift Santa brought you, that's swell. Now what's a GPS?

  2. "Nothing but blue skies, from now on"
    Happy Shooting!

  3. Mark, Always wondered what camera you use to take your high quality pics. Is it an SLR Digital? Do you post high res photos? I am still learning.

  4. I see the obvious differences in color saturation and white balance between the two pictures, plus the higher resolution of the newer one.

    I have to replace my aging Sanyo Xacti C40. It's served me well over the years but I want to do some serious astrophotography so I'll need a good DSLR.



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