Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Memories of Growing Up Gay

This TV memory popped into my head tonight for some reason.  Probably because I was looking at the blog "My First Gay Crush"

I had just turned fourteen in 1962 when a TV show aired called "It's A Man's World".  (The link has a few short clips that I could find nowhere else).

It was one of my favorite shows, even though it was all very heterosexually oriented (as was every other TV show back then).  But the situation of four young men living together on a houseboat (with no parents) just seemed so ideal, so sexy, so right somehow.

The show starred Glenn Corbett (Route 66) as Wes Macauley, a college student raising his younger brother Howie (Mike Burns) after their parents were killed in an accident.  The two other boat-mates were Ted Bessell (later starred in "That Girl" with Marlo Thomas) as Tom-Tom DeWitt, a fellow college student and Randy Boone as Vern Hodges.

At fourteen, I definitely knew what I liked.

How sad that two of the stars have passed away, both barely past their 60th year.

Glenn Corbett (1933-1993)
From the internet without attribution
Mike Burns (b.1947)
From the internet without attribution

Randy Boone (b.1942)
From the internet without attribution

Ted Bessell (1935-1996)
From the internet without attribution


  1. There's a That Girl marathon on New Year's Day on, I think Nick at Night? You can look it up.
    In other news: Frank, I gotta tell you that you look pretty good at 62. I was thinking you were in your early 50's. I'll have what you're drinking!

  2. Glenn Corbett.
    Very nice.
    I remember seeing him in some things and feeling, well, gay about it.

  3. Once again, a show I have no recollection of; we must have been watching To Tell the Truth at my house.

    Never knew Ted Bessell was on a series before That Girl, he always had a nice half-goofy, half-charming smile.

    But four men on a houseboat and no wimmen? Mmmm, now that does sound like fun, sign me up, Captain!

    But surely we can find a much sunnier and livelier place than Ohio to dock, can't we?

  4. Mark,
    I guess it's time to change my profile pic, - or not. WIll check for That Girl, thanks.

    Yeah, Bob, exactly.

    Russ, I never realized the show took place in Ohio. Malibu or Key West or even the coast of Maine might have been more to my taste.

  5. I had almost forgotten about those first gay crushes. This brought back a lot of memories (espcicially about Robert Conrad....)

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