Monday, October 24, 2011

Tick Magnet, Masonry and Leon's Fiftieth Birthday

It's been a busy few weeks so haven't been posting much.  Been to the airport more than I do in a year.  Thank goodness I'm retired!

      Friday - drag in the cacti for the winter and clear brush in the yard, get SIX ticks attached to various parts of my body which I only discover at 2 in the morning - even the dog doesn't get this many ticks
Some Of The Cacti That Get Dragged In For The Winter
     Saturday - Leon and I cap an old hand dug well on our property (that used to have a wooden well house over it) using 8 bags of concrete, rebar and rocks so that some little kid named Jessica doesn't fall in
A 3'x3' x 7" Slab of Concrete and Stone Over An Old Well
      Sunday - drive to Massachusetts to introduce Cressy, a potential buyer to Steve the potential seller of a large 5th wheel camper

     Monday - dinner at Mike and Paul's

     Tuesday - pick up Mom at the airport

     Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, entertain Mom at home and go to IKEA to buy a small $99 table which, when we get home turns out to be the wrong color wood

     Saturday - bring Mom to Massachusetts to meet up with her cousins from California so she can travel with them to Rhode Island, get a $100 speeding ticket for doing 30 miles per hour in a 20 mile per hour zone on a country road speed trap in New Boston, MA even though I was doing 49 miles per hour, and then we do a foliage tour of the area with the Californians while we're there
Foliage Tour
     Sunday - car club meeting at our house

     Monday - eye doc appointment

     Tuesday - make tomato sauce and manicotti for Thursday dinner

     Wednesday - pick up Mom at cousins' motel near airport and go to job interview

     Thursday - Leon picks up cousins at motel near airport and they tour Mark Twain and other museums while I make home made bread and sesame rolls, salad and manicotti and have them over for dinner
Salad And Home Made Bread
     Friday - go to New Haven, return table to IKEA so I can pay speeding ticket and dine at IKEA with Leon and two of my cousins, then go to a New Haven nightclub to see my niece perform (sing and play guitar)
My Niece Andrea Playing Guitar and Singing
     Saturday - Leon picks up brother from the airport, I throw a birthday party for Leon's big FIVE-O and forget to take pictures
Benni Watching Me Put The Cream Cheese Frosting on
Leon's Birthday Carrot Cake
     Sunday - Leon brings Mom half way to Maine where her Maine friends picked her up for a week of fun while I go for a long walk with Benni
A Walk In The Dog Park
     Monday - Pick up Leon from work, we take his brother to lunch, then we winterize the camper and bring in the strelizia nicolai for the winter
This Thing Is Getting Way Too Big
    Tuesday (tomorrow) 4:00 am bring Leon's brother to the airport for a 6:00 am flight.


  1. Phew! I'm exhausted just reading this! Finally repotted MY strelizia nicolai and 90% of the leaves are dying. Heartbreaking after 20 some years. Benni sure got big.

  2. Wow, that is a busy week.

    Lets see, mine has been:

    Work, work, work, work, and work.

  3. If that job interview works out I'll be back to work, work work, too!



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