Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Poster Circa 1966
The White Cardboard Stock
Has Long Since Yellowed
While so many of you were watching Glee on Fox, Leon and I were catching up on True Blood, Dexter, Drop Dead Diva, and several other past and current TV series.  When we finally discovered Glee on Netflix, we watched every episode.  It is cute, funny and smart.  The humor reminds me a bit of Psycho Beach Party with a bit of Fame mixed in.

My take on Glee is that the high school Glee Club has come a long way since 1966.  I was in our high school Glee Club even though I'm tone deaf and have a range of about three notes.  I would mouth the words when I couldn't reach the notes.  I'm not sure why they kept me - maybe the good sister felt I needed some extra curricular activity or that I fit in with the Glee Club crowd, or they needed bodies to fill up the stage.

I got dad to help me print up silk screen posters for our annual concert.  That was my major contribution.  God knows I couldn't carry a tune.


  1. "I would mouth the words..." I used that trick too :-)

  2. I have yet to sit down and watch an episode of Glee.

  3. We always thought Glee was juvenile, so never watched it; it was also on opposite some other show, I forget which, that we liked. But once we gave it a chance we found it quite entertaining - though the musical productions are probably far beyond the scope of the average high school glee club.



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