Sunday, August 28, 2011

Update to the Update on Irene

Hurricane Irene turns out to be a strange storm insofar as its kind of hit or miss damage and its doling out of wind and water. 

At our house, we have only the aftermath of what could have been a normal rain storm; just down the street about two miles, in the same town,  the street is closed due to the Pequabuck River overflowing.  The same river took out part of a business in our town and flooded the adjacent village and next town over.  Two men used very poor judgement when deciding to take a canoe out into the Pequabuck. One is now missing. 
Just Down The Road From Our House
The Pequabuck
Meanwhile at the Ted Knight Bridge at the other end of our neighborhood:

Looking For The Maiden of The Mist
In Town the Pequabuck Flows Under Several Buildings
 Which Have Straddled It For Years 
Sunday Stroll In the Park
People Like Us Out Gawking 

Along the Connecticut coast several homes were lost - one floated away in Long Island Sound.  

All was calm except for rushing waters this afternoon, but now at 6:30 PM Sunday, the winds are picking up again and we are a little worried about trees near the house.  There is still a good chance we could loose power.

All of the Northeast and New England is bracing for more flooding as water continues to drain into rivers and streams. 

On a lighter note, my sister who is a nun and living in a house a few hundred feet from the waters of Long Island Sound decided to stay home with another Sister and ride out the storm.  I called her to tell her that the town was imposing a voluntary evacuation and that she should consider leaving.  She said no, she wasn't worried.

The conversation made me think of this story:
There was a big storm coming and the warning went out to evacuate. One old woman (read: nun) refused to leave and said to the police, "I trust in the Lord, the Lord will save me"
Then the rains came and the water began to rise. Volunteers came in a Jeep, but still the woman refused to go. She repeated to them: "I trust in the Lord, the Lord will save me"
The water continued to rise and was up to the top step of the woman's front porch. Then a rescue squad arrived in a motor boat, begging the woman to come with them. She refused and only said, "I trust in the Lord, the Lord will save me".
As the flood waters began to inundate her home she somehow made it to the roof when a helicopter flew over and lowered a rope to save her. She refused to take the rope and shouted, "I trust in the Lord, the Lord will save me"
Then, suddenly her house was swept away and the woman drowned in the flood waters.
As she stood before the Lord in heaven, she begged the Lord to answer her one question:
"Lord, I believed in you and had faith. Why did you not save me from the flood?"
The Lord replied, "You foolish woman. First, I gave you a warning, then I sent a Jeep. Then I sent a boat and finally a helicopter. What more did you want?"


truthspew said...

RI, or at least where I live in Providence was spared any serious damage. Power blinked once early in the day and stable ever since.

Cable and net stayed up. Cell phone service went out around 6PM. But I expected that. Most cell sites don't have backup power.

Russ Manley said...

Damn, who's the stroller in the white tee and khaki shorts? Nice legs, nice lines. More like that, please.

Funny story - I think I remember hearing that in a sermon some years ago. Have you heard from Sis today?

FDeF said...

Took that shot just for you, Russ. Somehow I knew you'd notice!

Stan said...

That wind after Irene passed was so wicked! I thought some trees would go over for sure.

Russ Manley said...

You know what I like, don't you Frank? Grin.


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