Saturday, August 27, 2011

Gay Popcorn Movie 2 - While Waiting for Irene - Netflix Saturday

Hurricane Irene is taking her sweet time leaving the Outer Banks and heading north.  While we're waiting for her we are walking the dog between rain showers and Netflix so he won't have to hold it too long should it suddenly get nasty outside.

This afternoon's selection was Chris and Don, A Love Story.  This is a documentary told mostly from Don's perspective, about two remarkable men - Christopher Isherwood and Don Bachardy.  The story follows their lives before and after their meeting and through the time of Chris's death in 1986.  As an out gay couple they were certainly ahead of their times.

The thing that struck me most about the story was how quickly one's life passes by - no matter how filled it might be with the stuff of theatre and wonderful experiences.  It left me with a certain sadness.  The fact that most of us lead quite ordinary lives and will never be famous writers or artists conjures up the words of Thoreau that most of us "lead lives of quiet desperation".   

But while waiting for Irene, we got a little glimpse of the lives of two very interesting men who shared a unique and loving relationship.


  1. I saw that just here recently, and you're right, it's a charming documentary. Some Netflix reviewer opined that it was creepy how Don took on Chris's accent and attitudes. But I wondered, why and how is that different from the story of Herbert and Dorothy Vogel, both somewhat colorless, mild-mannered little people who spent a lifetime accumulating six tractor-trailer loads of modernist art, which they stacked to the roof in their Manhattan apartment - and have now donated to the National Gallery. There's a documentary about them on Netflix too, you might enjoy that one as well, Frank.

    And yes, the road of life seems to stretch so far, far ahead when we are young; but when you start getting towards the end of the ride, you look back and realize OMG all those decades are so short and gone so soon.

    Lucky are those who at least have a companion for the journey.

    wv: boypet. I wish.

  2. Hope all is OK with you guys Frank and that you don't get any damage.
    A fascinating documentary. We just had a programme on TV a few weeks ago about Christopher Isherwood, centering on his life in Berlin pre WWII. He was quite a man.

  3. I'm going to have to check Chris and Don, A Love Story out. It sounds good and I've never seen it.
    As far as Irene goes she ripped through here last night and now the sun is starting to come out. Get everything secured outside and be prepared for lots and lots of water! Luckily the power is back on now. Good luck guys.



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