Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Road Trip - Addison County Vermont

It was the best time for a short, four day road trip to Northern Vermont  - just when our congressional idiots were fighting over how to send the country down the tubes.  We didn't listen to the news for more than five minutes a day, just enough to get disgusted and turn it off.

Went to visit two of my college buddies who I haven't seen in over five years - (they have been invited, but haven't been to our house in 10 years).

We did see some beautiful countryside and went on a historical tour of Lake Champlain.
Translation: No Peeing On The Vermont Side Of Lake Champlain -
( Looks A Lot Like The Signs You'd See In Wales, UK, except this IS English)

 Champlain is a long glacial lake that was once (like a million years ago) a salt water inlet to the Atlantic.  It was landlocked when  the land rose in elevation due to the release of the glacier's weight as it melted and receded.  Another nearby glacial lake, Lake George, is less than a mile away, but is 200 feet above Lake Champlain and flows into the larger Lake Champlain.
The Boathouse Of The Carillon Boat Tours
The Carillon Boat Tour of the lake was a history lesson of the American Revolution and the French and Indian War - we heard all about Ethan Allen, Aaron Burr, The Green Mountain Boys, The English Navy defeat on the lake and other tidbits of history and geography.  We've been to Fort Ticonderoga on a previous trip.
Fort Ticonderoga - View From The Lake

Vermont Farm Country
The Champlain Valley is not what most people envision Vermont to be.  The mountains are off in the distance and the farmland is almost flat, with gently rolling hills.  If you scratch your screen you can smell the manure.
If You Scratch Your Screen, And Tap Your Heels Together
You Can Almost Smell The Manure

The Champlain Bridge at Crown Point was deemed unsafe and a new bridge is being constructed.  The bridge was a very highly utilized route between New York and Vermont.  After blowing up the bridge, the 4 million pounds of steel was salvaged to help pay for the new bridge.  A free temporary ferry service is transporting cars, trucks and motorcycles and RVs until the bridge is finished in October.
They Blew Up The Champlain Bridge Two Years Ago -
Now Rebuilding

Our Camper And Truck On The Free Ferry To Crown Point
GPS Shows We Are Crossing The Lake Somewhere Off The Bridge
We crossed the lake via Ferry and returned home on Route 22 through New York State and back to Rutland and to I-91.  Beautiful day and a nice ride.


  1. That new bridge looks like it's going to be a beauty. Sounds like a lovely day out.

  2. I haven't been up there in years. Beautiful country. I love taking those ferry's. Nice that sign tells you where the public toilets are. LOL!



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