Friday, August 5, 2011

Reached My Limit

Well, it looks as though I have reached my free one Gigabyte limit for pictures on Blogger's  Picasa Web Albums.  I have deleted several duplicates from the web albums - there are duplicates whenever you post photos, then delete them and put them back again.  In other words, when you delete a photo from your blog, it remains in the web album, taking space.  If you repost the photos, as I have done when I don't like the way the layout is working, those photos are put into the web album a second time.

This is a pretty stupid way of doing things, Blogger!  In addition, when you delete photos from the web album, it does delete the photo from the blog, but it replaces it with a big black box with an exclamation point.  So you then have to delete the black box as you would a picture.

After deleting duplicate photos and a few others, my one Gigabyte storage has gone from 100% used to 99.1%.  This will only buy me a little time.

Additional memory is available - it is only $5 per year for 20 GB, billed automatically.  That is not much but I hate any kind of annual or monthly fees.  And if you stop the auto billing, Blogger will automatically cut your storage back to one Gig - and with it goes all your photos above the one GB limit.  I would much rather pay once for a permanent amount of storage.  I only need one or two Gigs, not 20.

I'm not sure what alternatives I have.  A new account and a new blog?  Or pay the $5 for more storage?  

It is interesting that I have gone from writing longer posts to posting more photos with less text.  Maybe it is time to go.  We'll see.


  1. You have to remember, blogger and picassa are ALL Google properties.

    I pay $24.95 a year for unlimited storage on Flickr. But they have their own problems, for example they broke the linking of a picture on Wordpress. Now you have to go through a multi step process to find the true link.

  2. Didn't I read recently that Picasa eliminated the limit on storage when Google came out with Google Plus? I think as long as the individual pic's file sizes are under a certain size, you can store an unlimited number of them on Picasa. You should look into this deeper.

  3. Sounds like something I should investigate. I also thought that blogger resized pictures automatically to meet the size for unlimited storage...there are technical things I just don't quite get...I have no idea wht size my pics are or what size they are after blogger re-sizes them, if they do...or how to change the sizes on all those pics already in Picasa...

  4. I've been blogging three years now with a pic in nearly every post, and still have used only 6% of my storage. So I'm wondering why yours is full . . . are you aware that digital pics straight from the camera are GINORMOUS and several megabites each?

    If you've been using uncompressed photos like that all this time, that could explain why you have no storage left in your account.

    I nearly always edit/crop my pics a bit and resave them using my photo editing software. This automatically compresses the file size way down - instead of, say 3 or 4 megs (3,000 to 4,000 kilobites), it comes out as maybe 100 kb. A huge difference.

    You can also use a free editing site like to do that.

  5. Thanks Russ,
    Yes straight from the camera...there are already too many steps to publishing pics and I'm not sure I can figure out how to do this easily...I'm a lazy SOB.

  6. Well, Russ, I just did a cursory check of my pics on Picasa Web and found pics from 140kb to 400kb. Perhaps some are larger. The Picasa Web Albums allow editing and resizing using picnik. But ONE at a time. This will be a fun project!


  7. Hmm. If all your pics are only 100-400 KILObites each, then you should be okay. It's when you get into the next increment, MEGAbites (1 Mb = 1,000 Kb) that you start eating up storage space. So I'm not sure what the deal is there with your stuff.

    That said, Picnik is very easy to use; and I always find that pics from the camera need some brightness/contrast adjustment anyway, if not cropping. But even if you just open the pic in Picnik and then save it without doing any editing, it will automatically compress your pic - so a few clicks, boom boom boom, and you're good to go. Which this lazy SOB likes a lot.

    Still can't think why your storage is all used up. How long have you been blogging? And are you running a porn site or something on the side? Grin.

  8. Thanks,Russ.
    I have started going through my Picasa web files (there are about 2,300 pics on 3 blogs- some are roughly 800kb) so Im going to resize them a little at a time to see how that will affect the total storage.

    I use iPhoto to edit pics, but I want my originals to retain their resolution and not have a whole set of downsized duplicates. I think I'll just have to resize the photos for the blog in Picasa web albums as I use them.



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