Sunday, August 28, 2011

Irene Update

Well, Irene seems to have fizzled out here in New England - lots of water and a little wind, some power outages and trees down but thankfully nothing too serious.

We are on the side of a hill so we didn't get flooded, but there is some flooding in town. Our worst damage was a few corn stalks and tomato plants that got knocked down from the rain. There was hardly a stiff breeze here. We still have power. And a bathtub full of water...

The weather reporters and news crews have been talking non-stop for three days, substituting the lack of wind with wind of their own. I guess the storm was a windfall for the TV weather-casters and reporters who got lots of overtime!

The sun should be breaking through soon and we are in for some beautiful late August weather.


  1. Glad to hear that you got off without any damage. I think that's the norm now - prepare people for the absolute worst and then they can't be blamed for not warning us!

  2. It was a whole lot of hype to be honest. Sure a few trees in the city got knocked down but nothing major here either.

  3. I know what you mean. Now that the storm has passed all they are reporting on now is the downed trees, powerlines, floods and the idiots that are out there walking around underneath them.
    I'm glad that Irene has passed you and left you unscathed.

  4. ". . . with wind of their own." Haha, good one Frank.

    Glad y'all made out okay and no harm done. When I went to bed last night and it was still just a Cat 1, I didn't think it would be much of a story today.

  5. So glad the storm was much milder than expected. Wishing you lots of sunshine!

  6. Thanks, guys. I know Stan, you probably got it worse than we did. The sky is brightening as I post your comments - but I think we will be getting some wind on the backside of the storm. So I'm making biscotti while it clears.



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