Tuesday, August 23, 2011

5.8 DC Quake Sure Sign of Heavenly Ire

An earthquake centered in Virginia, today damaged the National Cathedral.   Surely this must be a sign.  After all it did strike a cathedral.  Somebody's god is angry.  We can't be certain what he or she is angry about, but it must be serious.  Perhaps god did not like the cathedral or wants a bigger fancier one like the Pope's.

Perhaps this finger of god is pointed at Congress for their incompetence or because they didn't Tax the Wealthy.  Perhaps the angry god is a TeaPartier and is upset that Congress did not go far enough to pay the bills.  Perhaps this god is merely disappointed in Obama.

Or perhaps, as with most natural and man-made disasters the earthquake was a warning to this country about those awful homosexuals.

Yeah, I'm sure it's our fault.


  1. It was me. I admit it. Just this morning when I was down at my local homosexual gathering spot recruiting helpless married straight men into my depraved but fabulous lifestyle, I said to myself, "I hope there is a moderate earthquake in rural Virginia that knocks some stuff off of someone's shelf somewhere."

  2. Oh man, I have been waiting all afternoon for the first pronouncement that this was retribution from a vengeful God - but I sure didn't expect it to come from you, Frank! Grin.

    And of course it *would* bang up the National Cathedral (Bad America!) and it *would* be an Episcopal joint (you know us commie-loving, pervert-pleasing Anglicans have been asking for it a long time now). Shit.

    Who thinks this stuff up? Why couldn't it have hit Austin, and Butthead Perry? Right in the ass.

    Do you think the Big Guy needs some GPS technology to help HIm out these days, huh?

    wv: fultsam. Which strangely enough sounds like it ought to go with gavity, for some reason.

  3. I've been waiting all day for the republicans to figure out how they could blame the Taliban for it...

  4. Glad you figured out. I knew immediately that it was our fault.



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