Sunday, July 31, 2011

Day Trip to PTown

Our friends think we're nuts to take a day trip to PTown.  It's only about 4 hours.  We left home at 6 AM and we were at our first stop at PTown Doggie Park by 10.  Then it was off to Coastal Acres campground to make our reservations for September.

Used my Senior Citizen National Parks Pass to get free parking at the beach where we enjoyed a few hours of sitting and walking along the shore.  It was overcast but I said to Leon, I felt better than I have all summer.  The beach is where I am most content.  I've always said, "A cloudy day at the beach is better than a sunny day at work".  Although I am not working now...

My favorite comfy T-Shirt from the March on Washington 1987
 Back home the balloon flowers are blooming
 And the strelizia keeps growing...


  1. What is with the guy in the towel, and did you take him home with you?

  2. Thank you for the obligatory eye candy.

    Haven't been to P-Town in years. It'd take about 2 hours from here to there. Just follow I-195 from it's terminus in Providence out to the cape.

    But I'm more nature boy, I love camping out in the woods and roughing it.

  3. He's just advertising...for night club shows - probably Naked Boys Singing.

  4. This brings back great memories. My first time in P'Town was Halloween 1981. I met Miss Ohio. All 6'4" and 200 pounds of Miss Ohio. He was adorable in his sash and tiara!

  5. I can understand why you are willing to withstand a long day to enjoy some time there. I never made it there, but you never know. Some friends are about to move from London to Cape Cod... so maybe sometime in the future.

  6. I love PTown. A 4 hour drive is definately worth it. Lucky for you guys.

  7. Oh, you'll never know what or who you'll find on Commercial Street, it is quite the circus at times. Miss Ohio or Miss Whoever.

    Craig, let us know when you come to the Cape.

    Truthspew, I too am more the nature lover and PTown is OK for a stroll - my favorite time is at the beach, the Province Lands, doing over-sand 4 wheel drive to Race Point and the Head of the Meadows and hanging around the campground. Besides we can't afford the B&Bs in PTown. And of course sailing on the Hindu, which has met its untimely and tragic demise off the Florida coast.

  8. OMG is that a banana tree on your deck? In New England? I guess climate change is for real after all.

  9. Russ,
    It's a Strelizia Nicolai - relative of Bird of Paradise. Purchased about 15 years ago as a moderately sized house plant, and one I just can't bring myself to get rid of even though it's a real pain to haul into and out of the sunroom with the change of seasons.

  10. You must have a swell green thumb, for sure. What a delightful plant to have, winter or summer.

  11. I have one of those Strelizia Nicolai - relative of Bird of Paradise plants too! I haul it in and out to the porch every spring and back in when it's going to freeze. It's NEVER produced a flower in over 20 years since I bought it when I lived in Atlanta. It needs re-potting badly and I have to find wheels to put it on soon since it's getting too damn heavy for me now. I hate to get rid of it too since it was a gift from my dear departed partner.



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