Monday, June 20, 2011

A Beach Day

This New England State has the least best beaches. And this one is pretty low on the list. It's actually in a small cove.  But it's deserted and I can take the dog.

One of those nasty creatures that spread the disease named for a nearby town.
A bunch of cormorants flapping and sunning.

Real big grains of sand.  They will be smaller in 10,000 years
The woodlands near the shore


Russ Manley said...

Honeysuckle in New England? Somehow I always thought of that as a Southern plant. Say, you guys aren't trying to steal our scenery, are ya?


Mark said...

Love the photos! m.

FDeF said...

We're full of surprises up here in the Northeast.

Bob said...

Lovely day.

Craig said...

I feel relaxed just reading your post. Lovely beach and shots.

FDeF said...

Listen to the Sambas on the next post and really relax.


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